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If your promotions could reach thousands of people, apart from your regular customers.

If your brand name pops up in a customer\92s head as soon as they think of a product.

If you knew the exact ROI for your Digital Marketing spend.

If you could build positive attraction with large numbers of people using a single Digital Marketing platform.

If you knew all about your consumers, their preferences, their demographics.

If you could statistically pin-point what worked in a successful marketing campaign.



Use Owshi-Text to send crisply worded SMS broadcasts to a wide audience.


Use Owshi-Mail to create attractive e-mail communication to a large customer base.


Use Owshi-Reviews to design reviews for your customers. It's fast, easy and customizable.


Use Owshi-Social-Media to collect customer replies, customer demographics, and to engage with them.


Use Owshi-SEO services to optimise your website and make it search-engine friendly, increase website traffic and generate quality leads.


Feel the pulse of your audience, gain insights and improve continously powered by Owshi-Analytics.

About Us

Company Overview

We deliver Digital Marketing solutions as a strategic and integrated product . We leverage technology to deliver creative marketing strategies as per the client needs. OWSHI understands and meets the unique digital marketing expectations of the customer with flexible and highly customized solutions that yield a high ROI.

Owshi Product Overview

OWSHI is a multi-channel online automated digital marketing platform that enables the business to effectively create and implement online marketing campaigns. It\92s specific and holistic features define the digital marketing deliverables on a single integrated platform. It\92s ease of use allows the user to upload and launch consecutive marketing campaigns through SMS, E-Mail, Social Media etc to engage and recognise the brand value.

OWSHI is the neo digital marketing platform that offers businesses the advantage and ability to touch base with customers and target audience in the most effective and personal way. OWSHI is an integrated multi-channel platform which enables you to create and run successful marketing campaigns online and on the mobile.

OWSHI powers your Customer- Acquisition Engine

Getting the information about your products and services to your target audience is the first step of the customer acquisition process and you can do it right and with a lot of ease with OWSHI. Giving you the biggest advantage of tracking the success of your campaigns and communications, OWSHI INSIGHT is a feature that is purely designed to enable you derive tangible benefits from the marketing activities you drive on the platform.

OWSHI is Specific.

OWSHI has a right list of tools that enables you hit specific touch points grabbing the attention of the customer. OWSHI SMS and OWSHI Email moves your business conversations to the customer\92s inbox.

OWSHI engages.

Getting your customers to act and react to your communication is a challenge and OWSHI Contest is intricately designed to give your communication those necessary prompters that will set the perfect environment to begin a dialogue with the potential customer.

OWSHI is Holistic.

SMS, Email, Contests and Social Media, OWSHI gets your campaign around quite a lot in every hot and happening online and mobile platform. We combine ease, flexibility and measurability in every feature of OWSHI to deliver visible benefits on your marketing efforts through OWSHI.

Businesses, Individuals and Celebrities, use OWSHI to connect and communicate. It all happens in multiple channels, at the same time and with a lot of ease.

Derive the best from your business and marketing strategies with OWSHI. Our marketing experts constantly re-invent to give you the best advantage and visibility, for your brand and business with your target audience.

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Owshi Digital Marketing Services Digital Marketing Product and Services company, located in Bangalore provides digital marketing services including SEO, website optimization, SMS, Email marketing, Social media marketing, rich analytics, promotions, content and creative services
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