Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email users continue to grow at a steady pace in spite of the phenomenal growth in the use of social media accounts. With 2.6 billion users presently, we have 91% of email users checking their emails atleast once a day.

If you have someone come and tell you that Email Marketing is a dying digital marketing tactic and technique it would be one of the biggest marketing misconceptions of the decade! We have research to prove to us that over 73% of digital marketers believe that email marketing is key to the success for their marketing initiatives.

OWSHI's Email Marketing Module is a full- fledged feature that allows you to create and run successful email marketing campaigns. Completely supporting text and visuals in the best of its forms, our email marketing product gives you the flexibility of creating and uploading existing email templates. Text or HTML, OWSHI Email supports it all!

Email Marketing Services Bangalore

OWSHI's EMAIL MARKETING – It is all about moving business conversations to the customer’s Inbox!

Why Email Marketing is Full- on Digital Marketing?

Emails give the description of your products and services the necessary body and flavor.

Today emails can be created and designed with visuals and functionalities that compel the reader to move the mouse over and click.

OWSHI Email means Versatility.

Creating an Email Marketing campaign on OWSHI means to give your product or service every appeal in text and visuals and call- to- action functions.

The user-friendly and sophisticated features of OWSHI Email will offer all the dynamics that an email marketing campaign needs, to take it from just another email in your customer’s inbox to ‘the message’ that talks about your brand and company and ‘that content’

they would recall every time they come in contact with your brand.

Email Marketing gives you

  • Greater ROI
  • Higher Customer Attention
  • Better tracking
  • Brand recall
  • Better content presentation