Owshi Digital Marketing

OWSHI Reports

It is often difficult to know where to start when it comes to digging into marketing reports. Sometimes there is so much of data available that it makes it difficult to co-relate them with the next course of action. If used well and wisely, marketing reports give you a lot of insights about customer behavior, target segments, reach and engagement.

OWSHI Reports give you unique and specific insights about the different marketing campaigns you initiate and promote on OWSHI Email, SMS, Contests and Social Media. The comprehensive report lists out critical action points like delivery status, clicks, likes, views impressions and consumers.

Each of the OWSHI marketing tools report on a separate set of insights that are unique to the platform. The insights give you just the right information to understand the success of your campaigns in the platform and enable you to fine-tune them further for a better response rate.

OWSHI Reports – Reach Sales Milestones with Metrics faster!