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OWSHI Review

OWSHI embraces every aspect that is essential in connecting with customers and prospects. Our product designers constantly brainstorm to simplify and make more effective elements that will give your business and brand a better connectivity with your target segment and customer base and increase your online presence.

User generated content has a powerful influence on the sustenance and growth of your brand. The ’Reviewer’ has a powerful influence on the buying decision of your potential customer.

51% of buyers say that a review is actually more important than the opinion of a friend or a family member.

Create a ‘Review Page’ for your products and services with the OWSHI Reviews. It’s simple and easy to use plug-in, enables you to provide star rating systems for your products and services, and allows comments and replies to the reviews posted. OWSHI review allows you to create a forum on your review page that will allow your customers to easily discuss what they love about your product/ service.

OWSHI reviews also gives you the power of moderating these reviews and posting timely responses so that you can avoid any potential damage to your reputation. If we look at the top brands they have 25% of their search results featuring from review sites, blogs and other social media updates.

Creating or Integrating a review page for your products and services will get in you in the spot light in social media platforms and the search engine. So make it happen with OWSHI review!