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SMS Marketing

The largest challenge that customer facing products and services have today is grabbing the attention of the customer for a few seconds in a day. Marketing personnel will die to get that one hypnotic moment with the customer!

The complete and focused attention of the customer for at least a second or a fraction of a second is what the digital marketing world is working to achieve in every second they spend in creating solutions.

SMS marketing is a great way to pitch the features and benefits of your products and services to customers. A SMS gives you the powerful advantage to position your product, company and the feature or coupon in most simplest and effective way possible.

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Did you know?

An SMS is opened and viewed by the customer within 5 minutes of its delivery!

  • Digital Marketing using SMS with OWSHI goes beyond just facilitating creation and delivery.
  • Track the success of your SMS marketing campaign with our insightful and sophisticated reports.
  • We give you every single detail on every SMS you send.
  • Time and Content are two powerful variables that can be easily manipulated in an SMS digital marketing campaign to the advantage of a product or service.
  • Use OWSHI to get YOUR CONTENT to the customer and to get YOUR TIME with the customer.

OWSHI SMS is Simple, Suave and Successful!

Make your SMS, Check character space, and Upload!

OWSHI’s digital marketing platform will have it Done and Delivered!

SMS Marketing with OWSHI means:

  1. Speed – Create and send SMSes within minutes.
  2. Customer Attention – For those few reading seconds, it is just your product and the customer.
  3. Cost Effective –SMS costs are way below any other digital marketing costs.
  4. Insights – Delivery and Reach status will delight you!