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Social Media Marketing

With over 1.4 billion active users on Facebook and over 500 million registered accounts on Twitter business today cannot afford to lose out on a presence in Social Media. From pictures to promotions and rumors to reality there is nothing that gives the social media marketing platforms a pass.

Why is social media marketing a must for businesses today?

We have 64% of marketers who generate leads using social media marketing for their business by spending less than 6 hours a week.

We have over 86% of marketers agree that social media marketing is vital for their business.

75% of marketers have seen an increase in traffic with a presence in social media, and

89% of businesses agree that their presence in social media channels through a dedicated social media marketing strategy has increased the exposure and reach of their products and services.

Social Media Marketing, Bangalore

OWSHI Social Media Marketing – Just one post to get both Fans and Followers.

Social Media Marketing, Bangalore

It is more than evident that any striving business must have an active presence in social media for big speed. OWSHI Social Media enables a business do exactly that! Latch your social media pages on to OWSHI Social Media and you can handle your Facebook and Twitter accounts in one go.

Get all the insights about your pages on the OWSHI Social Media template too. Social Media updates will now consume only a part of the time you spend when you directly engage or update content on the different channels. Moreover, viewing the engagement results for Facebook and Twitter on the same template makes it easier for you to compare and understand the results.

Owshi Social Media Marketing can become your one stop point for your immediate engagement needs on social media. Add your social media handles and update your pages with content in one single go!